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Managed rendering

Downgraded plugin

This plugin allows to opt out from usage tracking. Performance overview section explains what effect it makes. You rarely need to use it as it is purely explicit optimisation technique. Most common application for this is to disable usage tracking for a large object before submitting it to JSON serializer or table dump. For example:

const state = useHookstate({ data: some_very_large_object, otherDate: ... })
// disable state usage tracking only for 'data' property
// and it's children
return <>{JSON.stringify(}</>

Untracked plugin

TODO update for Hookstate 4

This is a plugin for advanced usecases. It allows to get and set a state without triggering rerendering. It also allows to trigger rerendering even when a state has not been updated. You should understand what you are doing if you decide to use this plugin. Below is the demo of the plugin.