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Batching state updates

If you have got an event handler, which results in multiple state update actions (for the same nested part of a state or different), you can batch updates together. Batched updates trigger rerendering only once for each affected component. Use StateMethods.batch method with batch context argument to activate batching:

const state = useHookstate({ a: 0, b: 0 })
return <button onClick={() => {
// this function is executed as a batch
(s) => {
// multiple state updates,
// one rerender
s.a.set(p => p + 1)
s.b.set(p => p + 1)
}, 'custom-batch-context')
}}>{state.a.value + state.b.value}</button>

Context argument can be anything. It is passed down to plugins, which may use it to implement transactional persistence, for example.