Plugins system overview

Please, submit pull request if you would like yours plugin included in the list.

Standard extensions

InitialEnables access to an initial value of a State and allows to check if the current value of the state is modified (compares with the initial value). Helps with tracking of modified form field(s).Demo@hookstate/initialnpm version
TouchedHelps with tracking of touched form field(s).Demo@hookstate/touchednpm version
ValidationEnables validation and error / warning messages for a state. Usefull for validation of form fields and form states.Demo@hookstate/validationnpm version
PersistenceEnables persistence of managed states to browser's local storage.Demo@hookstate/persistencenpm version
BroadcastedEnables synchronization of a state across browser tabs.Demo@hookstate/broadcastednpm version

Development tools

DevToolsDevelopment tools for Hookstate. Install Chrome browser's extension and activate the plugin in your app. Learn more about using the development tools.Demo@hookstate/devtoolsnpm version
LoggerSimpler alternative to development tools. Logs state updates and current value of a state to the development console.@hookstate/loggernpm version

Special extensions

LabelledAllows to assign string metadata to a state.Demo@hookstate/labellednpm version
UntrackedIt allows to get and set a state without triggering rerendering. It also allows to trigger rerendering even when a state has not been updated. You should understand what you are doing if you decide to use this plugin.Demo@hookstate/untrackednpm version
DowngradedTurns off optimizations for a StateLink by stopping tracking of it's value usage and assuming the entire state is used if StateLink's value is accessed at least once.Docs@hookstate/corenpm version