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The most straightforward, extensible and incredibly fast state management that is based on React state hook

Easy to Use

Concise, pragmatic but flexible API. Very easy to learn. See Getting Started and other code samples to learn it in minutes.

Incredibly Fast

Incredible performance based on unique method for tracking of used/rendered and updated state segments. Ideal solution for huge states and very frequent updates. Learn more....


Feature Rich

Small core library packed with features: global states, local states, asynchronously loaded states, partial state updates, deeply nested state updates, and a lot more...


First-class Typescript

Complete type inferrence for any complexity of structures of managed state data. Full IntelliSense support tested in VS Code.

Plugins System

Extend or customize your state hooks. There are several standard plugins available: state snapshoting and rolling back, tracking modified fields, state validation, local storage persistence and a lot more...

Development Tools

Develop like a pro. Browser's extension to trace and set state values, to set breakpoints on state changes, to identify components using a segment of a state, and a lot more...